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Bison Bushcraft Knife (Smaller Version)

Bison Bushcraft Knife (Smaller Version)

Bison Bushcraft

Bison Bushcraft Knife (Smaller Version)


The popularity of my neck knives has lead me to some interesting designs. This particular version measures as 3/4 size of The Bison Bushcraft Knife however it feels much more delicate in the hand. This makes for a very useful sized fixed blade knife that easily fits in the pocket. This knife is packed full of beautiful features for it's small size. The Steel is Rose Pattern Damasteel with some amazing pattern as it tapers to the razor sharp edge. Complimented with an amazingly old piece of bog oak for the handle scales, black liners, stainless pins and a very distinctive piece of orange dyed Giraffe shin bone fort the bolsters. The fittings are eight stainless steel pins and the steel is RWL34 stainless at 61 HRC.

A discreet Veg Tanned belt pouch carries the knife although a length of cord is all that's needed to convert to neck carry.

Blade length 70mm

Overall length 164mm

Steel 3mm stock Rose Pattern Damasteel

Grind 27 degree Scandi