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Custom Guide shirt with double thickness hood, flap closure pockets, ripstop canvas shoulder and elbow patches.

Custom Guide shirt with double thickness hood, flap closure pockets, ripstop canvas shoulder and elbow patches.

Guide Shirt with winter colour body, summer colour sleeves and extra elbow patches in winter cloth.

Guide Shirt with winter colour body, summer colour sleeves and extra elbow patches in winter cloth.

ripstop canvas and hood

ripstop canvas and hood

Hood front view

Hood front view

Bison Bushcraft

Custom Guide and Forester Wool Shirts

After a few requests from customers we are now offering the opportunity to custom create your own Guide or Forester shirt. Why not opt for a multi coloured option, add another pocket or elbow patches, or change to a different collar? We can do them all now as long as it is in the same wool fabric that we use and have in stock and doesn't require making new patterns. 

What we can offer as modifications

Grandad collar

Traditional collar


Kangaroo/handwarmer pocket

Black ventile shoulder and or elbow patches

Sage green ripstop waxy canvas shoulder or elbow patches

Extra chest pockets

Sewn in slot for a pen/pencil

Flap closure over chest pockets

A mix of our standard colours

Short sleeves

Please  email us with your ideas and we'll get back to you with a price. 

Please note, modifications are only upon construction and we cannot alter existing garments.

Review of a custom shirt:

Phil Brooke-Woodsman, Bushcraft Specialist & Traditional Bowyer-Chief Instructor - Woodcraft school. 

I Had the pleasure of Field testing Roger Harrington’s New prototype hooded wool smock this weekend from Bison Bushcraft. 


I used the smock for a week or so in the woods working, shooting, and around my workshop. Well  anyone that knows me, knows I’ve been through some kit looking for that perfect woodsman/Bushcraft smock. I’ve tried all the various materials and makes to really the same failed results. The perfect smock has always eluded me! Either too hot and clammy like modern synthetics that clog and fail when pushed in bad weather,  or natural materials that on there own don’t last and fray too readily or are too cold to wear as they offer little insulation. Often spending hundreds of pounds plus on jackets and watching embers spit from a fire and burn though them is very disconcerting! 


First and foremost Rogers smock is a locally made product from the wooded high Weald of East Sussex, so no heavy carbon footprint or horrible processes to make this natural product. A big plus for me. The smock and reinforcement areas are coming in a variety of colours and material choices. The smock I’m wearing has super rip stock cotton canvas that’s impregnated with wax, really durable stuff. Ventile may be another option. 


This is a classic in the making, tough and rugged when in the field, spark proof, warm and heavily rain resistant. Perfect for Woodsman, stalkers, Bushcrafter’s and all types of fieldcraft in general. 


The hood is a really nice cut, not too low nor too high, the thick and silent wool is very warm. I felt a constant temperature all week. The wool seemed to regulate my body temp so I was not too warm when walking or working/Crafting. The reinforcement areas offer greater protection where the weather might settle, shedding rain away from areas it may sit on. The excellent reinforcement material is tough and comfortable increasing the life of this smock. Whether your shooting/stalking using binoculars, crashing through brambles or simply carving the reinforcements offer comfortable protection. 

The Long cut on the back of the smock protects your rear without swamping you, cutting back in at the hips to allow really easy access to your craft knife. There’s nothing worse than trying to filter through layers to take out or put away your tools. 


There’s a breast pocket the perfect size of a smartphone, wallet or small notepad and a really handy feature is the pencil pocket on the breast pocket. I’m always losing mine in the workshop so that’s a nice touch. 


All the buttons are stitched and placed on the cuffs so you can easily roll the sleeves up without undoing the buttons, leaving a smart finish. There’s also discrete buttons on the neck line to lock out wind and foul weather. 


In summary I’ve found my Bushcraft smock, a uk made product that’ll go on and on whatever your doing. This’ll be the first thing on your kit list. There’s years of experience and dedication gone into Rogers work, and it shows in this smock. Great well thought out features in a quality smock that makes you feel like Hugh Glass and the old pioneers, a head turner in the woods, high street or pub! A Bushcraft classic from one of our own, not from China or down under but made with the understanding of our environment. I’ve got two already. 👍

Best regards 
Philip D Brooke