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Bison Bushcraft Journeyman Apron

Bison Bushcraft Journeyman Apron

Bison Bushcraft Journeyman Apron rear view

Bison Bushcraft Journeyman Apron rear view

Bison Bushcraft

Journeyman Apron


A journeyman is a worker, skilled in a given building trade or craft, who has successfully completed an official apprenticeship qualification.

Hand made in our Sussex workshop The Journeyman Apron is inspired by the artisan craftsmen of old and built (yes built) to withstand the rigours of a hard workshop life.

The main body of the apron is specifically sewn from 16 oz cotton canvas. It isn't polyester or waxed in any way as that wouldn't fare too well with sparks.  

To the front of each apron is a chest pocket with two pen slots and a front dump pocket just below waist height for odds and sods and is conveniently just the right height for your hands!

Our carefully designed strap system gives you the ability to set the straps up to fit you and then never have to undo them again as you can then simply slip the apron over your head. No more fumbling with tying knots behind your back. The system allows the flexibility to fit to a large range of shapes and sizes due to the D rings at the top of the bib and the adjustable slider on the back.

We have considered the fact that the apron is to protect you and your clothes so all rivets on the leather and straps are smooth side inwards. In fact the straps themselves are carefully chosen Italian veg tanned leather, both supple and strong. They will gain character with age.

The rivets are solid copper saddlers rivets, doubled up at all points and the brassware is all solid cast, no cheap pressings here.

In short, built like a tank and ready for hard work!

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