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Bison Bushcraft Training & Advisory Options



As a business we are fully focused on a complete package, weather it is training for leisure, professional duties or interest, supplying the right kit for the job or helping you present a bushcraft event or film/media package.

Our staff are all very experienced, insured, first aid and CRB/DBS checked. All are open and good natured and available to facilitate your bushcraft experience. Our events are fully planned and risk assessed.

We currently have plenty of standing bushcraft commitments and are consequently not offering specifically dated courses. We can however normally arrange a mutually convenient time for your bushcraft experience be it training or in an advisory capacity. Please do contact us with your requirements. 

The picture above shows Jason With Lord Baden Powell's grand daughter. He had just taught her how to light a fire without matches or lighter!



Roger Harrington

Roger is the founder of Bison Bushcraft and has been working in the outdoors and Bushcraft world since 1992. Bison Bushcraft as a business has been teaching Bushcraft since 1996. Roger’s involvement in bushcraft started at an early age with his family’s involvement in Scouting, with those initial skills in the background Roger has travelled the world through deserts, jungles, Arctic and down south to The Falklands researching and learning bushcraft and relative primitive living skills. Roger has served in the military where his skills were put to good use teaching survival to various regiments of the British Army in Germany, Norway and The UK. He is an accomplished craftsman with his own range of handmade knives and leather work, as well as a vast skill base covering greenwood crafts and bow making. He has led various expeditions to remote areas of The US, Canada and Scotland. Normally found in the workshop or out and about in the woods you'll always meet Roger face to face at the various shows and events Bison Bushcraft attend.

Jason Sears


Jason has a lifelong passion for the outdoors life with a particular fascination for the forests and the skills of the people who have lived and worked in them.  This led to Jasons enthusiasm for the bowdrill and his desire to help others master this skill.  He has explored the forests of Norway in winter and the lakes of Sweden in summer where the need to keep warm, dry and fed depends very much on an ability to process wood and make fire.  Keen to develop his knowledge of bushcraft and the natural world, Jason was fortunate to participate in a 4-day course in the UK with Mors Kochanski and since that time, has been committed to develop his teaching skills and share his knowledge with others.  In the last few years he has demonstrated his passion for firelighting, shelter building and the ways of the woods at various country shows and scout groups and feels that this reinforces his own learning in the outdoors.  Jason intends to continue his own learning journey and also to help others to improve their own understanding of nature.

Rob Law

One of our most experienced instructors, Rob is a fully qualified arborist who claims to have been raised by wolves. His sense of humour and passion for all Bushcraft skills make him an asset to all of our training events. Robs experiences as a gamekeeper have a natural influence on the countryman course and what he doesn’t know about trees isn’t written yet.

When not working with us you’ll find Rob out there somewhere fly fishing, ferreting or shooting. Rob is always on the quest to increase his skill base and has recently learnt how to construct a coracle. Rob is currently training to become a paramedic but still finds time to work with us at shows and on training events.




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