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Boots Clothing and Outwear

As you can see by our ethical policy we are firm believers in the use of natural fibres. They give maximum comfort, do not release toxins, wear well, can have outstanding performance in extreme climates and above all are better in production for the environment.

Our ever expanding line of clothing is all made in the UK. We have specifically sought out people to work with us who run small businesses, who give reliable and quality service. We are therefore supporting our economy as well as using local products that don’t travel around the world to get here before assembly. We are proud to say our clothing is made in The UK from UK materials. We aim to supply to all kinds of outdoors people from the Bushcraft community (our roots) to hunters and stalkers, nature watchers, campers, hikers and anyone who wishes to enjoy nature wearing clothing that is a part of nature.

Please be aware that we use only UK wool and there will inevitably be delays with orders, especially with clothing as we are dependant on other UK companies for materials.