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Further Information and sales terms and conditions



Here at Bison Bushcraft we strive to extend the ethics of our everyday living into our work. That means we try to keep as low a carbon footprint as possible whilst retaining our common sense.


Of course our Bushcraft and wilderness skills training courses all teach people how to live in harmony with nature rather than in competition with it. Hopefully our customers take something away from our courses that has some positive impact on the environment and their everyday lives.


Our crafts such as the knives are made from materials that have travelled as little as possible to reduce their delivery miles. Some of the handle materials are by products of local industries (agriculture and timber), in fact we estimate that nearly 80% of the wood we use in knife making comes from within a twenty mile radius of the workshop. Most of the leather for the scabbards is English oak bark tanned, not chemical tanned or veg tanned leather imported from overseas. The steel is British or European where possible, by that we mean all of the 01 tool steel is made in Sheffield; this makes up 85% of our knife production.

The other products we sell are all selected by our policies of

  1. Made from natural materials with as minimal input as possible from the petro-chemical industries. Natural fibre clothing is better for you, the environment and promotes a greater awareness and responsibility for where things come from. We don’t just use natural fibres because they look good, we use them because they work and last a long time, negating the need for yearly replacements and therefore not promoting the current “throw away culture” peddled by major manufacturers.

  2. The best available for the job in hand. We wouldn’t sell you an inferior product just because it fulfils a lot of green policies. We temper all of our selections with common sense.

  3. Sourced as near to home as possible, however if not available in Sussex or The UK we’d make sure our product fulfils the other policies listed. However we do prefer to support our own economy where possible and not promote any industry that may be taking advantage of unfair labour conditions.

  4. We sell products that we use. This enables us to sell to you with the honesty that can only come from experiencing the product. This is also why you’ll see products designed by us or modified to our specifications on the website, we make sure it works.

The above show that we endeavour to support our economy, protect our environment and treat our customers with respect. We will endeavour to treat YOU as we would like to be treated.

So you won’t see a long list of small print about our trading conditions, just the above.



You must be over 18 to purchase any knives from our store. 

Please allow two weeks for delivery on all items unless otherwise specified. We will endeavour to keep you informed of any delays. Clothing delays are significantly longer at current pandemic times.


All goods are subject to manufacturers guarantee. The information relating to specific goods is available upon request.


If goods are damaged or faulty upon receipt you must notify us within seven days of receipt for us to arrange a repair or replacement.


You have the right to return goods for refund minus postage (even if they are in perfect order) if you are un-satisfied with them in any way within a seven day period. However we do not accept returns from overseas if you just don't want to pay import duty. 

We will not fraudulently label goods to avoid your import duty expenses.


Notification of return of goods must be made by letter or email within seven days of receipt of goods.


All goods must be returned in new condition unless faulty and accompanied by packaging where appropriate and a copy of the relevant e-receipt. Returns should be sent via recorded Royal Mail to PO Box 157, TN33 3DD


Returns and refunds can only be made by and to the original purchaser. Returns are at customers expense unless goods are faulty.

Any import duties incurred by Bison Bushcraft on returns from overseas due to incorrect labelling will be deducted from refunds.


The right to refund/cancel orders does not apply to goods made to customers own specifications or measurements supplied by the customer.*


*This does apply to knives, however the deposit covers all the administration for knife orders, so even though Bison Bushcraft would retain your deposit if cancelled after the seven day period we would not require the full amount unless you have been informed of the completion of your order.

Important information regarding international shipping. We are not responsible for refunds for lost packages sent overseas once we have confirmation that said goods have reached the destination customs department or destination postal service. Or if tracking confirms the same. If you wish to fully insure international deliveries for refund should they go missing please contact us for a quote and we can arrange this at your expense.