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Boxwood All Weather Knife

Boxwood All Weather Knife

Bison Bushcraft

All Weather Knife in Stabilised Boxwood


This handy little knife is made with complete weather and harsh conditions in mind. The RWL 34 tool steel blade in 4.2mm stock has been left un polished to exaggerate the ultra sharp 27 degree scandi edge. The handle scales Stabilised Boxwood fixed with two torx head 4mm bolts onto the full tang. Being stabilised any flaws or shakes in the wood are sealed with the resin that is pressure injected throughout the wood, leaving us with the natural beauty of the wood but without the inconvenience of it splitting or lifting in different humidities. Over all length 184mm blade 80mm. The scabbard is a simple veg tanned leather belt carry option. This is an ideal real using knife for those who want something with the power of a fixed blade belt knife but the convenience of a slimline carry option.


Note: You will asked to provide proof of age (over 18) when purchasing this product from us if buying within the UK.