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Bison Bushcraft Knife

Bison Bushcraft Knife

Bison Bushcraft

Bison Bushcraft Knife


One of my original Bushcraft Knife profiles made in RWL34 stainless steel. The 27 degree scandi grind is just perfect for all tasks from wood carving, filleting fish to dressing out large and small game. This particular knife has some simple, but elegant  ancient bog oak handle scales, held on with nickel silver pins and laid over some striking black/green/black thin fibre liner. Presented in a right handed veg tanned and oiled belt scabbard.

4mm stock RWL34

Blade length 90mm

Handle length 110mm

About RWL34

A stainless tool steel developed at the DAMASTEEL AB firm in Sweden. It is a powder metallurgy version of ATS-34 that was the steel championed by one of the grandfathers of modern custom knife making Bob W Loveless (Hence RWL). It's performance is exemplary, especially in the 27 degree scandi grind that I employ. It is very tough and will hold an edge for a long time. Normally hardened to 62hrc for best performance