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6 metre Jurte with white roof and high sides.

6 metre Jurte with white roof and high sides.

Bison Bushcraft

Black Line German Scout Tent / Jurte 6 metre


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The standard 6m Jurte, and the most popular given that most scout groups tend to buy just this version as a communal space. It comes with a single piece 6m roof with weather flaps where the roof meets the side, an XL cap (designed specifically to combat UK weather conditions) and 1.65m high sides. If you're planing on purchasing more tents and joining them up in the future please bear in mind that weather flaps can get in the way. Please contact us to discuss what you have in mind prior to purchase.
The cap can be easily unwrapped to allow smoke to escape from the tent and a 60cm fire bowl (available separately) will soon have the tent nice and warm. The standard Jurte gives you 28 square metres of  Floor space yet still packs down to fit in a car and can be erected by one person in about an hour (with a bit of practice). All Jurtes come with full on-site training and full ongoing support.

This size can be upgraded to accept the 2 metre high sides and poles of the 8 metre version.
Base product set consists of:
1 x 6m Jurte roof with weather flap
1 x XL roof cap with weather flap
5 x double side panel
2 x single side panel 165cm high
12 x telescopic side poles
12 x 4.5m guy ropes with stays
12 x 40cm steel T-pegs
1 x robust deadblow mallet
1 x roof chain
2 x 5m poly-hemp rope
1 x double pulley
3 x centre poles (420cm, 3 piece)

£3575 including plus £225 UK delivery
As there are many variations and options with these unique structures it is best to call us to discuss your requirements on 07801 296255 or email us.