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Maya Wood / Fatwood ( In Stock )

Maya Wood / Fatwood ( In Stock )

Bison Bushcraft

Maya Wood / Fatwood ( In Stock )


Maya Wood / Fatwood
We are now supplying our fatwood in different size packages. A small package that is convenient to carry with you fire lighting your campfires or Kelly Kettle and a bulkier 680gm box to keep by the fireside.

Fatwood Fire Lighting Sticks are a great all natural product for lighting your barbecue fireplace, log burner or campfire. Fatwood sticks are sometimes known as Ocote or Maya stick and are 100% natural, with absolutely nothing added what-so-ever.

There's no need for extra kindling to help you start your fire when you use Fatwood, each stick is packed full of natural pine resin, just place 2 sticks under your chosen fuel, light with a single match, sit back and enjoy, that's it !! No more messing around with newspaper, kindling or hazardous chemicals to light you fire, just 2 sticks of Fatwood, that's all it takes.
Be kind to the environment Use Fatwood, not chemicals.