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Walnut Handle Nessmuk

Walnut Handle Nessmuk

Bison Bushcraft

Nessmuk Knife

George Washington Sears was a writer for Forest and Stream magazine in the 1880s and an early conservationist. His stories, appearing under the pen name, "Nessmuk" popularized self-guided canoe camping tours of the Adirondack lakes in open, lightweight solo canoes and what is today called ultralight camping. Some might say this is the start of bushcraft as the leisure pursuit that we know today. In 1884 Sears wrote Woodcraft, a book on camping, in this publication is a drawing of the knife he carried on his adventures.

My Nessmuk is an interpretation of that design, employing a scandi grind and full tang construction. I can of course make this knife in any steel available, in any thickness with any handle material. This one is in 1/8 inch thick O1 high carbon tool steel with walnut scales to adhere to the spirit of Nessmuk's travels and his preference for light weight kit.


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As with all my knives, they are custom made (including putting your name or logo on the blade) so if there isn't one in the knives available section please get in touch here to order your design knife.