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Outdoors The Scandinavian Way By Lars Falt

Outdoors The Scandinavian Way By Lars Falt

Bison Bushcraft

Outdoors The Scandinavian Way By Lars Falt


Equipment, Safety and Survival Skills for summer activities. Your guide to safely enjoying the summer outdoors.

Whether you are planning a day-hike or a long canoeing expedition, this book will teach you what you need to know to safely enjoy your time outdoors.  Through initial planning and preparation to navigating in the wilderness, handling outdoor tools or dealing with emergencies, herein lies a wealth of practical knowledge and survival skills for both the novice and the seasoned traveller. Written in a clear, informative style and accompanied by some wonderful illustrations, you will find planning an outdoors trip all the easier for having read it.

Lars Fält is a world renowned survival and bushcraft expert. After an extraordinary military career during which he founded the Swedish Army Survival Unit in 1980, Lars has gone on to author over ten books on survival skills and the outdoors. He has worked extensively with indigenous people the world over, from Siberia and Canada to Australia, and now uses his experience and knowledge to teach not just the military, but all of us.

This is the first book Lars has written which has been translated to English.