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Bison Wilderness Knife

Bison Wilderness Knife

Bison Bushcraft

Wilderness Knife Spalted Maple

Based on The Wilderness Gathering Knives this knife is constructed from 3mm O1 tool steel. It has the advantage of a steel pommel that is both morticed and silver soldered in place much like the Mors Kochanski inspired Bushtool designs. Blade is 90mm and over all length 200mm. Hardeness is 59 HRC and scandi grind angle is 27 degrees. The scales are stabilised spalted maple over red ochre liners with bronze fitting pins.

The scabbard is veg tanned in a belt carry style for belts up to 60mm width. Fitted to the front of the scabbard is one of our Strikefire ferro rods, giving you the ultimate bushcraft package of a strong and reliable cutting tool and a totally dependable fie lighting aid.