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Woodie Damasteel

Woodie Damasteel

Woodie Damasteel Detail

Woodie Damasteel Detail

Bison Bushcraft

Woodie Knife Damasteel & California Buckeye Burl


A Woodie Knife with some of the best materials you could ever wish for. Certainly some of my favourites. Starting with the steel you have the very best Damasteel made using powder metallurgy technology that I have acid etched throughout including the full tang to show the intricate pattern. The Handle has Bolsters of Stag Antler, Scales of Exhibition Grade Stabilised California Buckeye Burl laid over Red Ocre Fibre Liners. All held in place with Stainless Steel Pins and Thong Tube.

The blade measures 110mm x 4mm and has a 27 degree Scandi Grind suitable for all your fieldcraft pursuits and easy to maintain. Hardness is 62hrc.

The overall length of the knife is 230mm and the knife is presented in a right handed English Oak Bark Tanned, Wet Formed and Hand Stitched Leather Scabbard.

About Damasteel

Another excellent product from DAMASTEEL AB.Using modern technology to acheive the patterned damascus blade steel using the same solid state welding procedure called “Hot Isostatic Pressing” but using layers of RWL-34 with alternate layers of PMC-27 (a powder metallurgy version of 12c27) that produces a billet which can be manipulated to produce various patterns.  Unlike black-smithed Damascus that can be prone to flaws,quality can be guaranteed. Damasteel is expensive and time consuming to work with several stages required to achieve those stunning looks of the end product. But worth it not only for it's looks but truly outstanding performance.


NB. If purchasing from within The UK, you will be asked to provide proof of age before despatch.

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